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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Get busy doing. Take nothing for granted. Join the team.

 This is time of action.  There is a tendency today to slide into laziness.  Or discouragement.  Don't allow it.  Get after what it most important for the greater Good.
In meditation, I saw an image of people picking up pieces together, as they join a team of the brightest angels of our Being.  A team of humans working with a large wave of Love and angelic intention.

If you get a certain feeling when reading this, maybe there is a similar message for you from within your own heart.

Aspects: Capricorn time is about building a large group organization and getting stuff done. There is a lot of energy for transformation.  The challenge is the T square between Jupiter (and Moon today)' Pluto and Uranus.  The changes are going to create destabilization.  The people inflicting these changes could be impulsive and overconfident.  Be alert and be ready to clean up some messy situations.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Don't look back. Look forward.

History informs the decisions of the present, but it doesn't rule all of your choices.  There are new rules after upheaval.  Take it slowly and think things through in a different way now.

Despotism, for example, is temporary.  Think of it as a snake shedding its skin.

Aspects: Libra Moon is about to intensify a cardinal T square between Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus.  This is symbolic of tumult that is described as painful renewal.  There is destruction and loss, and then a fresh order emerges.  The mystery of life, death and rebirth is all about transcendent powers.

Look to the ways you can navigate the harsh conditions of your own plight, and stay on course as best you can.  There will be relief eventually, even with a period of suffering.  Help others achieve  their healthy goals and quietly refresh your energies inbetween.  This is the new normal.  Adjust.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Stand up for what you believe.

Take part in the discussion, with calm, deliberate, critical
 thinking. Do not be cowed by inaccuracies and distortions designed to confuse.

Aspects involve common signs that form a T square.  This brings a feeling of self doubt.  Overcome the insecurities you may feel with robust intention. 'Resolve' is the key.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Duties to perform, yes. But play and rest are good, too.

Give yourself some play time if you can. A playful attitude heals a heavy situation if there is one for you. But attend to your priority obligations, too.

aspects: Virgo Moon opposes Pisces Neptune.  Try to steady your emotions, and set reasonable goals.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Reality bites. But it's all we have.

Take it in, with a grain of salt.  This is how it is now.  You may wish or imagine you were healthier, or maybe in a different situation entirely. You may find your world tilted on scary precipices.   But what is, is.  Get used to the normal you have to manage gracefully.  Embrace the good in it. And eschew the bad.
Get busy in ways that don't tax you.  Do a little.  Rest a lot, if that's what you need.  There aren't that many choices sometimes.  Do the best you can with what you have.

Aspects: Pisces Neptune releases Venus from a tight alignment, meaning truth will become more easily discerned when confusion permeates the milieux.  The lies won't stop.  But discernment will eventually have better tools for revealing the truth.  "Let those who have ears, hear..." 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Subtle waves of energy have healing powers.

This is not a good day to be "rowdy". Be gentle.  Rest and recoup. Send and receive love in a soft wave of compassion.

Venus joins Neptune at 10 degrees Pisces.  Leo Moon usually enhances creative energies, and it likely will, today.

But with Neptune clouding expectations, it's best to pull back a little and slow down. Discern what's happening if you can, though there is plenty of forceful misinformation perpetrated in the news.  Believe as truth only what is verifiable. The veil of illusion can trick people with this aspect.  Critical thinking and gentleness will be helpful.

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Pick up where you left off. Wrap up some things.

If driving is hazardous, slow down.  But keep going.  The key today could be to complete tasks in front of you, take breaks if needed, and master any thoughts that impede progress.  That's a large order! Do the best you can. Let go of ideas that pressure you into doing too much. 

Full moon in Cancer brings some unexpected twists. Stay centered.