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Saturday, October 3, 2015

10.3.2015 Blessings abound even in times of discontent.

Seek the positive. Human tragedies are demoralizing, but we can't get caught in the snares of darkness. The troubles of this world beckon us to take action. But what action?
There are so many ways to provide relief and service to a troubled world.
One is to focus genuinely on your life business. What is your purpose? How do you perform your duties -- just as they are now -- with the ultimate compassion and love for all concerned?

The lightness of Gemini Moon today brings laughter. Try to measure your energies to avoid dissipation (Neptune opposite Jupiter/Mars).

Friday, October 2, 2015

10.2.2015 Rich tapestry of love and acceptance. It's in your mind.

Taking a moment now and then to be aware of your surroundings can be like breathing.  It's a skill to shift consciousness to a broader perspective. To take it all in. When you get practiced at this, it becomes usual. A habitual reference point within you.

Today, this opening of the mind can bring great joys, deeper understanding and empathic responses you maybe didn't even know you had.

Caveat today: try to avoid dissipating your energies, as they aren't all that robust with mutable planets in dissonance. Be patient. Go with the flow. Find some fun in the true situation.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

10.1.2015 Serving others is good, but remember your own creative needs, too.

There are always lots of chores to do. In the service of others, the list could extend into infinity. But while you are helping those you care for, help yourself to some delights for yourself, too. In the 'needs department': physical comforts such as good nutrition, exercise and rest. And that creative fun? Give yourself a little time for that.  These are cues today that should be given some appreciation. Take the hint.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

9.30.2015 "Gestational Future". You are growing your karma.

Think of the tone today as similar to organic evolution. Every action and thought in the service of Higher Motives counts. Every step, every decision, every word precedes your lessons to come.
Mindful attention is a form of inner discipline. It takes practice. Use today for practice.

Earth planets in trine offer a steady, practical bent. There should be a little good luck in the mix, too.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

9.29.2015 "When you lose someone to death, realize that they are now out of pain."

Jupiter opposite Pluto brings the challenge of dealing with change. Complete, renovating change. During this transit, people are reinventing reality -- sometimes adjusting to a shift in the life-death cycle.
Or sometimes just doing home improvements. We re-create. And it's stressful, usually.

Whatever your big change, remember that what you lose in the process can be seen as a gain, as well.
This is a constant in Life. There are many facets to consider when life is changing for us. We can be gently reminded of the positive even in the face of letting go.

A dear friend passed away this week. Cancer took her life. Of course, I feel all the pangs of sadness and shock.  But I need to realize that her freedom from pain is an upside.

Monday, September 28, 2015

9.28.15 Stretching and movement provide more flexibility.

Preparatory stretching is best before embarking on a rigorous physical work-out. And, metaphorically, preparation for any project helps.

Expect some unexpected turns today, and let your inner discipline guide you through challenges.

Aries Moon always heats up the energy. Joining Uranus and opposing Sun|Mercury may get some lines of communication in a dither. Just make sure you are methodical in all that you do, and things will flow better.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

9.27.15 Genuine love and compassion for your own well being.

Self respect differs from selfishness.
Loving yourself and others equally is respecting all concerned.  Be kind if you are grieving a loss, recovering from illness or just feeling disappointed in something or someone. Love really likes to surround you. Invite it.

Today, as Moon heads into FULL and there is an eclipse tonight, the awe of the cosmos is there for you to see. Deepen your awareness of your position in the universe. It's all grand and good.