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Saturday, December 16, 2017

Enjoy the wonder — even in times of challenge.

Despite disheartening conditions it’s important to see the goodness beyond the badness.  Do what you can to alleviate suffering and be filled with gratitude for your opportunity.

Sagittarius now houses five planets, including sun and moon.  There will come balancers after excesses, but for this moment in Time, embrace your personal joy. Let your light shine. Be a force for good.

Friday, December 15, 2017

The brightest star is the one twinkling in your mind.

Picture, if you can, an ember of Truth and beauty in the universe and in your consciousness.  This is reality. The fact is, all things you know in your life concur with something greater than you can comprehend.

Tuning in to correlations brings them together. For example, you are in a body. It is uniquely yours, with you personal stamp. You are a creation filled with imagination, survival skills and capacity for learning. This amazing thing you call your life is meant to be for reasons you can only guess. This is a hint to contemplate: every thought you have is replicated in the cosmos. It travels from you into the greater firmament. The power of your idea is not restricted by any fence. Your motives also are transmitted outward from your center, and they tell a story about your future.

Feel at one with your individual state of being connected to the whole of the universe. There is really no cause for alarm even in death, because the soul transcends the coarse matter of life and joins its complement. Every moment you enjoy ripples outward into the sea of spirit around and beyond you.  This makes a difference. It uplifts others. Let your mind generate compassion. Stay in that place. It is the most reliable way to be of service to the world.

Neptune Trine Jupiter means deeper insights. This is a harmonious chance to gather wisdom.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Eventually it all works out. Move forward.

Take the good news and the bad. There’s not much you can do other than roll with it all. And try again later if things get funky.

Scorpio Moon joins Jupiter and Mars. The aspects are good.  But Neptune clouds the issues with confusing messages.  Pay attention. Manage emotional reactions if disappointed. Keep your spirits up and have fun trying to make your little world happy. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Like silent, peaceful snow, wisdom falls from Heaven.

“You see? We told you to trust.”  — angel whispers.

Pray for humankind. Let you own words rise to Good and come from good. Pray without ceasing. Be in your moment, with truth above lies. The universal heart of all beings is sending messages of love. Love cherishes even the wretched, so do not judge those with confused appetites. They, too, are offered redemption in time.

Your default position: let every act be one of reverence. And joy can laugh. Be of happy humor.

Sagittarius planets provide a generous moral high ground. Seek that and you will contribute to your world.  

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The gentle beads of peace are difference from the garish baubles of war.

Know the difference. Glamor is deceptive. Take care not to be swayed by glittery promises made of ashes. Think through your protocol. Are you mindful of your own agenda, despite the risks? And are your actions congruent with what you find harmonious?

Find middle ground today. Not too much, not too little. Don’t get thrown off your track because things don’t go as you’d like. It doesn’t matter in the bigger scheme of things anyway. Let go. Relax. Be true to yourself.

Moon opposes Uranus, bringing the unexpected. But it is stabilized by Sagittarius planets which find challenge and adventure in obstacles. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Don’t push. Share. With yourself first.

All the signs and prognosticators in the world can’t mess with your personal timing unless you allow it to happen. You have your own rhythm. Will you honor your speed, your dance, the readings along the path instructing your own direction? It’s up to you, what influences your mission.

Take a moment to breathe in the moment, fully and with the reverence of a mother holding her baby for the first time. Life is all wonderment. Awaken your senses to the raw, startling unusual in the mundane.

Sagittarius planets are well aspected and give enthusiasm for learning, spirituality and adventure. Just take it all in with mindful attention today.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Take time for replenishing your spirit and body.

Being at peace is more than a concept. It also involves your physical aptitude for pleasure, action and rest.
Pondering philosophical questions is fun. So is constructing plans and creating all sorts of stuff. But the base structure of your health functions best with attentive nurturing. Mind, body, all.

Wellness is the goal today, and it means incorporating relaxation, sensorial receptivity and moderated activity.

Avoid feeling pressured even though you may be tense with expectation.

Meditation, deep breaths, trusting your timing and laughing a little at your foibles....all good.

Moon square Saturn = attitudes can become overwhelmed. Too much to do. Too many fragmenting events.  Calm your mind and realize what’s possible. Do that. Let some of the rest go for another day.