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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A better day for creativity.

Time for meticulous editing? Virgo Moon can help. Along with Virgo Jupiter, Sun, Mercury and North Node. And Venus has entered Libra. This will bring more lyrical and musical energies than scientific Virgo's tone. So let your muse speak, create, and get the details just right.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

"Keep it to yourself". Don't share too much.

There are those times when someone needs to hear less. It's a true skill to sense accurately what another person needs at a particular moment.  What you say or don't say matters. It can make a difference for someone.  And we want to make a good difference, always.

Aspects: Mercury is near a crossing from Virgo to Libra.  In Virgo, Mercury is meticulous, analytical, and (sometimes too) critical.  As Mercury enters Libra, communication may be more about the I-thou relationship. Sagittarius is very honest. And Saturn|Mars in that sign have been showing a lot us some unwelcome restrictions. But today, those planets get a bit of creative, fun light from Leo Moon, making moods lighter.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Be gentle with yourself this week. Stay on the safe side.

Taking wild chances isn't going to feel as good as staying close to what you know. Calm, deliberate self-care is a good thing. "Restrictions may apply". Heed the signs that you could need to slow your pace occasionally.

Aspects: this week, Sun opposes Neptune and squares Saturn|Mars and Moon Nodes get involved. 
= Lack of secure structure can suggest unease. There is confusion -- no clear, provable answer.  So adhere to the structure for your life that seems grounding and safe.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pull back. Think it through.

Be attentive to your core awareness and actual needs.  There is a tendency to allow yourself to be 'run' by concepts that do not work well for you. Stop and consider reality before you leap into enthusiastic ideas.

Aspects: mutable signs hold conflicting planets and Cancer Moon conflicts with Aries Uranus, Capricorn Pluto and Virgo Sun. The best planet to let lead today is whatever strength you have in your natal chart to counter-balance your restrictions. 'Radical acceptance'* is helpful.

*Tara Brach

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Think about other planets, galaxies. Then consider your problems.

Remain in the Big Picture perspective, even as you face some unruly challenges. Are some agitating issues really that enormous?

Aspects: The easy: Cancer Moon today.  We benefit from emotionally stable home life/security.
The not-so-easy: mutable planets cranking up various anxieties. For the next 7 days, expect a weighty responsibility or limitation to annoy your stride. Be patient. That's all you can do when Sun squares Saturn and Mars for a while. It's just life, right?

Friday, August 26, 2016

Continue with what you've begun. Starting new projects isn't so favored.

Not a great time to launch new products, but you may have luck refining some older ones.

Aspects: Gemini Moon isn't comfortable with a stellium in Virgo today. Expect miscommunication,  overconfidence,  emotional let-down. This can be remedied: pay attention to your intention. And when facing disappointment, let go and move on toward the Good.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

New day, new beginning. Chapter 1.

There is a sense of starting fresh today. Beauty is in the transparent wing of a bird, in the shadows of weeds at sunset, and even in death and rebirth. 

Aspects: Common sign tensions with Gemini Moon make some projects unsatisfying. It's okay.  Keep at it. You'll get there eventually. It's a beginning stretch in some ways, not the final part of your trip.